Will Repellents Get a Bat Out Of The Attic?

If you have Florida bats in your attic and you do not want to harm them or kill them, you might consider one of the repellents bats currently mentioned on the market today. Just say no! There is no magic potion that will act as an effective bat repellent. You will not find any secret device, a mystical potion or sure fire all natural remedy that will make the bat suddenly leave your attic and never come back. Nothing in your kitchen pantry, laundry room furniture or garage shelves are so offensive that they will immediately go away and never return. The only way to effectively get rid of bats is to follow a logical pest eradication plan that uses a proven step-by-step method to clear the current infestation, identifying areas of access and taking preventive measures to ensure that re-infestation do not occur.

So how do I remove bats from attic spaces in my home?
You don't. Not by yourself, anyway. You need to contact a professional bat control or wildlife specialist company that can do the job for you. You don't even need to take time to assess the situation, because that could be costly to your family's health and safety. It doesn't matter if it's three in the morning, because you need the bats gone as quickly as they came in. Your family's health is at stake here. If anyone in your family is bitten by a bat, they could contract rabies. Rabies shots are not something that you want to go through, and it gets even worse if they aren't effective.

To remove bats from attic spaces, a licensed professional will come in and assess your particular Florida bat problem. Then they will work to seal off all but one or two entrances to your home, leaving bat control devices in those locations. The control devices will work to allow the bats to get out of your home, but not get back in. After time has passed (usually a few days to a week), the specialist will return to check on the problem. After a thorough search to ensure that all Florida bats are gone, the control devices will be removed and the holes will be sealed. If you work with the right company, you'll even get a guarantee on the services, which is usually good for 2-3 years.

Why don't I get a lifetime guarantee when they remove bats from attic spaces in my home?
With time, your house can age and become a victim of wear and tear. Nothing that the bat control service does will protect your home from being 100% bat free forever, due to this wearing and aging. However, you will now know what to look for so that you can stop any future bat invasions before they begin by repairing holes and fixing any damage to your home that could look inviting to bats and other pests.

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