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My name is Phil, and I operate a professional wildlife removal company, based out of the Boynton Beach FL area. I am a critter specialist only - no bugs. I humanely remove all types of nuisance wildlife from homes and buildings. I am fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida. I service both residential and commercial accounts. I operate 24-7-365. Yes, you can of course call me in the evenings and on Sundays. I am extremely professional, arrive in uniform with a clean service truck and the best equipment. I pride myself on my high level of knowledge regarding Florida's wildlife, and also on my quality of work. I guarantee that I will solve your wild animal problem. Call me any time to discuss your wild animal pest problem: 561-826-6475

Boynton Beach Rodent Control: Rat removal is one of the most common tasks that we deal with in SE Florida. They are very common nuisance critters in homes in this area. We eradicate all of the rats or mice, and solve your problem permanently, within a week or so, with guarantee. You will never have a rat problem again after you hire us, because we stop the source of the problem, by fixing all of the holes in your house, so that no more rodents can ever get in again.

Boynton Beach Wildlife Removal: We deal with a variety of critters. We trap and remove raccoons, often from attics of homes. We remove squirrels from your ceiling and eaves. We trap and remove armadillos, and we are experts with the snakes of Florida. We do bat and bird control, and we remove opossums as well. We can handle almost any problem with any wild critter in Boynton Beach.

Boynton Beach Pest Control: We do not operate a typical pest control company. We do not kill insects such as termites or ants or cockroaches, and we never use poison. We are wildlife specialists only, and we deal only with wild critters. We are very humane to the animals that we trap and remove, and we solve the problem completely, from animal damage repairs, prevention, and animal waste cleanup.

Boynton Beach Wildlife News Clip: SE Florida coon capture continues in Boynton Beach

Raccoon Authority Ned remarked the environmentalist thinks just about everyone in the village agrees there likely is overpopulaton, but have different ideas about what should be done about it. "I think there's what is possibly a divide between people who agree with critter stalking and people who don't," the environmentalist remarked. "I'm not in favor of critter stalking and yet SE Florida coon have destroyed many dozens of plants in my yard. I see them starving, and that's difficult." Raccoon Authority Ned remarked the environmentalist wishes there was what is possibly a more humane way to reduce the local biologically surveyed amount besides critter stalking, but doesn't know of any real alternative. the environmentalist remarked she's used what is possibly a kind of SE Florida coon repellant that likely is sprayed on plants which keeps the animals away, but it likely is time-consuming to apply, must be re-applied regularly and is not 100 percent guaranteed. Pest Control Man Garry likely is one resident who has given permission to allow critter stalking on his property. the humane society manager remarked that, like many in the village, the humane society manager owns what is possibly a 1-hectare property that abuts what is possibly a wooded area. Pest Control Man Garry recently saw what is possibly a group of about 20 SE Florida coon near his property. The SE Florida coon have changed the plant life in the area, the humane society manager remarked, because they destroy naturally occurring plants as well as people's flowers and garden plants. They've not only affected the plant life, they've affected what other kinds of animals and birds come into the area. The SE Florida coon are also reducing the amount of food for other wildlife. "I've gone from thinking that seeing Critter outside likely is cute and wonderful to thinking that the SE Florida coon are damaging the environment," the humane society manager remarked. Pest Control Man Garry remarked it likely is his understanding that there likely is really no other alternative but to reduce the size of the large group. Pest Control Man Garry acknowledges there are too many SE Florida coon in the village, but thinks lethally trapping what is possibly a few in the village likely is what is possibly a waste of time. the humane society manager remarked he's spoken with what is possibly a relatively large amount of residents who oppose the catch. In general, the humane society manager added, people in the village like animals and are opposed to the idea of lethally trapping them. This report is not verified by Boynton Beach pest control companies.