What are Some Ways to Kill a Fox in the Yard?

Boca Raton foxes like any other feral animal, can be controlled by man no matter how witty they are. But if your control mechanisms don’t manifest effectively, other means can be the real deal when managing the animals. Killing or rehabilitation are some of the ways to put the messy situation to a halt whenever it is speeding up exponentially. Getting to grips with fox killing techniques can be daunting if you’re light hearted but you can as well get someone to do it for you.

Try fox hunting
Even though it is considered as a sport by many nations, it is also a way of controlling the damages caused by these pesky critters. You only need the much required firing skills and a loaded rifle to kill a stubborn Florida fox in your yard. The problem is that there is a high success rate in rural areas than in urban areas. Rifles bring other unwanted problems like, stray bullets can kill pets or worse, kill people. This technique is however being faced off with other advanced procedures.

Fox trapping
A body gripping trap is very effective in killing foxes. These crushing lethal traps and snares are effective if you like to find the Boca Raton animal dead rather than actually killing it. Though much of these methods are used by individuals of older generations, they work perfectly. Traps disturbingly obscure to use, you never know what it catches. By simply baiting the trap with meat, cats and dogs will be easily attracted to the trap, which will ultimately kill them. It is therefore important to consider timing and positioning.

Fox Poison
This is the quickest easy fix to a Florida fox menace, but is it humane? Many people will opt for this method blindly but the dire unknown implications can be really hefty. It is the worst method to kill a fox as it can kill unintended animals. Besides the long and lingering death you give the fox, the crazing pain can make the animal unpredictable. This method will not guarantee you the exact time the animal will die. Some foxes can also metabolize poison and other toxic substances effectively hence the poison won’t work.

The long lasting solution
Foxes are solitary yet territorial Boca Raton animals. Killing one will trigger the advent of another one and the vicious cycle will proceed. To beat this, just make your home unappealing to them. This means cutting off all their food sources. Foxes hunt:
- mice
- rats
- squirrels
- raccoons and
- other small rodents
So, make your home rodent-proof. Your garbage disposal ways should also change so that the Florida foxes have no chance in getting food easily. You can also secure the whole compound with a sturdy wire-mesh fence.

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