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My name is Phil, and I operate a professional wildlife removal company, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, based out of the Boca Raton FL area. I am a critter specialist only - no bugs. I humanely remove all types of nuisance wildlife from homes and buildings. I am fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida. I service both residential and commercial accounts. I operate 24-7-365. Yes, you can of course call me in the evenings and on Sundays. I am extremely professional, arrive in uniform with a clean service truck and the best equipment. I pride myself on my high level of knowledge regarding Florida's wildlife, and also on my quality of work. I guarantee that I will solve your wild animal problem. Call me any time to discuss your problem: 561-826-6475

Animals In Attics: The most common problem that we deal with. Several species of south Florida wildlife often choose to make their home and nest inside the attics of homes. The most common culprit is the Roof Rat, which is very common. People usually hear them scurrying around at night, or see the droppings or chewing, if they happen to get inside the house. Squirrels are also very common inside attics, and are most active during the daytime, particularly morning and evening. Raccoons also often choose to live inside the attic, and will rip a hole right through the roof or into the eaves in order to gain access. We humanely trap and remove all the animals, and remove any baby animals by hand - and with squirrels and raccoons there are almost always babies.

Wildlife Trapping: Not all critters are inside the home. You might have an opossum that lives under your shed. Perhaps a raccoon is stopping by the house every night and eating the pet food or pooping in your swimming pool. Maybe an armadillo has burrowed right next to the house and dug a deep hole. We are expert wildlife trappers. We even do iguana removal. Not only are we properly licensed to do it legally (you can't do so legally on your own), but we know, though years of experience, how to most effectively trap and remove the animals. Trapping is an art, and not as simple as it might seem. We are also very humane to the wildlife that we capture, and have access to many excellent relocation points.

We are available 24/7 for your wildlife removal needs.

Service Range: We service SE Florida, from Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale. We service West Palm Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, and of course we provide critter removal services in Delray Beach, Highland Beach, The Hamptons, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and exterminator services in Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Margate, Pompano Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, and Hollywood. We will travel greater distances for large jobs, such as commercial bat or rodent control.

Palm Beach County: We service all of Palm Beach County for nuisance wildlife removal. Remember, we are a private company, and not a free service. There is no free city or county animal services that removes wild animals. The county only handles problems with domestic animals, namely dogs and cats. We don't handle problems with dogs or cats. If you have a problem with a stray dog or cat or dangerous dog or nuisance dog, call Palm Beach County Animal Control at 561-233-1251.

Damage Repairs: Your problem won't be solved until all of the repairs are done. The reason critters got into your house in the first place is because your house had openings, or because the animals clawed or chewed their way in. Regardless, new animals will use these openings again, unless they are repaired and sealed shut. We inspect your whole home, from ground to every last vent on the roof, and find all the vulnerable areas that animals used to get in. We seal everything shut and give a guarantee against any future animal re-entry. And remember, some wildlife control jobs, such as rodent control work, can't even be performed at all until all the holes are sealed shut.

Attic Cleanup: The critters living in your attic likely left a big mess up there - they drag in nesting material and food debris, but worse than that, they urinate and defecate everywhere. We clean out all of the contamination - we remove the waste and vacuum up the droppings, and we fog the attic with a special cleaner that destroys the biohazard and the odor. If you don't clean your attic, the scent of previous animals could attract new ones to the house. The droppings can grow mold over time. We leave your attic fresh and clean.

Rodent Control: We are experts at south Florida rodent control, and specialize in rat removal in Boca Raton and the West Palm area. We are a far better option than traditional Boca Raton pest control companies. They typically specialize in insect control, the use of poisons, and the art of selling customers never-ending quarterly contracts. They will never solve your rat problem. Poisons do not work! They are temporary, they never kill all the rats, new rats always replace the dead ones very quickly, and the odor of dead rat carcasses in your attic and walls is horrible. Our method is BY FAR the best and only way to PERMANENTLY solve rat problems. We stop the problem at its source by sealing off every possible entry point into your house.


Bat Removal: Our company specializes in the humane removal of bats from homes and buildings. This is not a task for amateurs, and is amongst the most specialized work in nuisance wildlife removal. Florida is home to two primary species of colonizing bats, the Free-Tail and the Evening Bat. They often form large maternity colonies inside buildings or under barrel tile roofs. It is very important that they be removed properly and lawfully. Bat exclusion work cannot be legally performed during the maternity season. None of the bats can be killed. Bats can enter a space less than half and inch. This is very detail-oriented work that requires a lot of knowledge of bat behavior. We are experts in the process, and will remove your bats, clean their waste, and take care of your problem permanently, with guarantee. Read more on our Boca Raton Bat Removal page.

Muscovy Duck Removal: These waterfowl are a common problem in Southeast Florida.
  • Property damage - lawn damage and pond edge damage
  • Large amounts of droppings all over lawn
  • Water quality lowered and fowled by duck droppings
  • Aggressive ducks living in urban settings and chasing people
I have devised a method of trapping and removing these nuisance ducks, as you can see in my photograph to the left. I can trap all of the Muscovy Ducks on your property, and take them away so that they do not cause any more problems.

We also do full attic restoration - we remove all animal feces and waste, vacuum out all old, contaminated insulation, clean the attic with two special types of fogging applications and do spot treatment to perfection. We then re-insulate the attic to above industry standards, with R-30 blown-in insulation, or the new closed-cell coating spray technology that provides the ultimate in insulation. In the case of animal damage and contamination in an attic, your insurance may cover the cost of this work, so just call me for more details!

Boca Raton Florida Wildlife Tip of the Month:

If you have Florida bats in your attic and you do not want to harm them or kill them, you might consider one of the repellents bats currently mentioned on the market today. Just say no! There is no magic potion that will act as an effective bat repellent. You will not find any secret device, a mystical potion or sure fire all natural remedy that will make the bat suddenly leave your attic and never come back. Nothing in your kitchen pantry, laundry room furniture or garage shelves are so offensive that they will immediately go away and never return. The only way to effectively get rid of bats is to follow a logical pest eradication plan that uses a proven step-by-step method to clear the current infestation, identifying areas of access and taking preventive measures to ensure that re-infestation do not occur.

So how do I remove bats from attic spaces in my home?
You don't. Not by yourself, anyway. You need to contact a professional bat control or wildlife specialist company that can do the job for you. You don't even need to take time to assess the situation, because that could be costly to your family's health and safety. It doesn't matter if it's three in the morning, because you need the bats gone as quickly as they came in. Your family's health is at stake here. If anyone in your family is bitten by a bat, they could contract rabies. Rabies shots are not something that you want to go through, and it gets even worse if they aren't effective.

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